Application Lab Food

The Research and Development Lab is one of our flagships.
Located in Nerviano (Milan), it is completely devoted to the formulation of FARA® Functional Blends.

The high professionalism of our staff allows them to establish a direct and deep relationship with our customers’ R&D appointed staff: this makes it possible for us to meet their technical and applicative needs.

Our team is able not only to develop tailor-made mixtures, but also to try its application out through an appropriate production pilot plant: our laboratory staff can in fact recreate the manufacturing conditions it had previously employed, concretely testing the developed system and eventually coming up with a substantial example of the final result for the customer.

This applicative approach, together with our professionals’ deep know-how and the technological high standard of our equipment is the prime guarantee of our product’s success.

For further information, please contact: info@faravelli.de


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